Călător prin univers. Carte gigant
Volumele din seriaCărți mari pentru copii miciconțin povești adaptatenivelului de înțelegere al copiilor de vârstă preșcolară și școlară mică.Ele sunt gândite, în primul rând, pentru a fi folosite ca...

Surprins de bucurie. Povestea unei convertiri (Ediţia 2011)
Mai putin cunoscut de publicul larg este faptul ca C.S. Lewis a scris remarcabile studii de literatura medievala si critica literara si ca e socotit cel mai important apologet al crestinismului din secolul XX (cateva scrieri ale sale pe tema credintei --

Know Your Onions: Web Design: Jet Propel Yourself Into the Driving Seat of a Top-Class Web Designer and Hurtle Towards Creative Stardom, Paperback
Jet propel yourself into the driving seat of a top class web designer. This book sets out the principles and practices of web design. It will help you understand what underpins web structure, design conventions and best practice. It touches on almost every subject and gives you a complete overview and understanding to deliver outstanding web design, leaving you to discover the areas you would like to specialise in and go on to build on these firm foundations. This book is design focused, you will not find one line of code. It takes you through creative thinking, questioning the brief, information architecture, navigation structures, front-end design, dealing with clients and best practice for file management. Unlike a typical how to manual, the style is light, chatty and more like having a conversation with a bloke who knows his stuff. If you want to master great website design and build process, and understand what makes them work, then this book is for you. From the same author as Know Your Onions: Graphic Design and the forthcoming, What to put in your portfolio and get a job: Graphic Design.

111 Places in the Twin Cities That You Must Not Miss, Paperback
-The ultimate insiders guide to the Twin Cities -Features interesting and unusual places not found in traditional travel guides -Part of the international 111 Places/111 Shops series with over 170 titles and 1 million copies in print worldwide -Appeals to both the local market (more than 3, 8 million people call Minneapolis and St. Paul home) and the tourist market (nearly 31 million people visit Minneapolis and St. Paul every year ) -Fully illustrated with 111 full-page color photographs When most people think of Minneapolis and St. Paul, they think of frigid winters and thousands of lakes. So most people who come explore the Twin Cities are in for a surprise. The truth is that this metropolis is where history, the arts and world cultures combine to create a dynamic community that is constantly reinventing itself. Bonded by the Mississippi River and studded with lakes, creeks, and waterfalls, this Midwestern destination is a place where nature meets the city with a flair unmatched by any other urban area in the United States. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are packed with secrets and adventures. Visit the sites of St. Pauls nefarious mobster past or paddleboard down a hidden canal that looks like a Monet landscape. Take in a show at the Minneapolis theater where Prince played his first solo gig, ski on a lake decorated with ice luminaries, and sample lefse and lingonberries in a Norwegian market. Discover 111 places in the Twin Cities that will amaze and delight you, whether its your first visit or fifteenth, or you are a native daughter or son who is lucky enough to call this land of sky-blue waters your home.