Pirates Dont Take Baths
This perfect story for bathtime is now available as a board book For any young child (or pig), there are few things more excruciating, more traumatic, more torturous than bathtime. And this little pig is putting his hoof down. No. More. BATHS. But how can he possibly accomplish this? Well, by...

Thomas and the Pirate/ The Sunken Treasure (Thomas & Friends)
Buried treasure, a lost ship, and a wily modern-day pirate are the exciting elements of a brand-new Thomas & Friends movie, "Sodors Legend of the Lost Treasure." These two stories in one paperback book, based on the movie, will thrill train-loving boys and girls ages 3 to 7. Includes more than...

Color Inspiration Coloring Book
Wouldnt it be great if everything in life worked out exactly the way you planned? But when nothing goes as it should, its really all about how you handle Plan B. Suzy Toronto inspires you to get out of your comfort zone, go with the flow, and dare to live a full and wacky life in this...

Fashion Illustration: Gowns & Dresses Inspiration
A must-have for fashion lovers and professional fashion illustrators, this book imparts fundamental knowledge of formal dresses and stage wear, their categories, main forms, and common fabrics.

Pirate Sticker Book
A new sticker book full of fun, with nautical scenes to fill. Action-packed scenes including below the deck of a pirate ship, a ship on a stormy sea and inside the pirate captains cabin. A sticker book that contains nautical scenes to fill, including below the deck of a pirate ship, a ship on a...

Bubble Pirates! (Bubble Guppies)
Boys and girls ages 2ߝ5 will love climbing on board with Nickelodeons Bubble Guppies in this delightful Little Golden Book about pirates. The youngest fans of Nickelodeons "Bubble Guppies" are OshoreO to love this delightful Little Golden Book about pirates. Full color.

Ice Sea Pirates
Ten-year-old Siri and her little sister Miki live with their elderly father in an Arctic archipelago. One day, while they are out gathering snowberries, Miki is abducted by Captain Whitehead, a notorious pirate, who is rumoured to enslave the children he steals in a diamond mine. To prevent her...

Wee Grannys Magic Bag and the Pirates
Get ready for excitement and surprises as Wee Granny (Scotlands very own Mary Poppins ) and her magic tartan bag set off on another adventure. Wee Granny is going on holiday with Emily and Harry to Arran but theyve missed the ferry. Dont worry; Wee Grannys got just the thing in her magic bag...

Princeless: Raven The Pirate Princess Book 1
Fresh off her adventures in the pages of Princeless,Raven is ready to set out on her quest for revenge against her brothers. Theyve stolen everything that should be hers and now shes going to get itback. But first, she needs a crew. Share the laughs, action, and adventure asRaven assembles the...

Pirate Blunderbeard: Worst. Mission. Ever.
Set sail with the funniest pirate on the seven seas in this hilarious adventure for readers of 7+ with brilliant pictures throughout from ALIENS LOVE UNDERPANTS illustrator Ben Cort

Pirate Puzzles
This little book of pirate puzzles is the perfect way to keep young swashbucklers entertained. The puzzles cover everything from mazes to spot the difference, based on bright and colourful scenes from the Seven Seas.

Pirates in the Supermarket
New from the team behind "Dinosaurs In The Supermarket", this is an action-packed story about everything that could go wrong when a pirate crew enters a supermarket! Ages: 3+ New from the team behind "Dinosaurs In The Supermarket", this is an action-packed story about everything...

Pirates in the Supermarket (Gift Ed)
For one little boy, a trip to the supermarket is turned upside down. A swashbuckling pirate crew wreak havoc in the aisles, but the grown-ups can't see them. Can he convince the pirates to behave? A hilarious new picture book from the bestselling author and illustrator team behind DINOSAURS IN...

Knock Knock Pirate
A pirate counting book thats full of surprises, from award-winning author Caryl Hart and bestselling illustrator Nick East!

Pirate Pat
The first title in the new Usborne Very First Reading series, designed for younger children to introduce them to reading together with their parents. Parents and children take turns to read from the page (the text clearly marked for who should be reading) and as the books progress in the series...

Rockabye Pirate

Dinosaurs United and The Cowardly Custard Pirate Crew
In this their first adventure, the amazing Dinosaurs United go head-to-head against the Cowardly Custard Pirate Crew! But oh no -theyve lost their kit, and they have to use their wits and football skills to find it!

Molly Rogers, Pirate Girl
International bestseller Cornelia Funke and rising picture book star Kasia Matyjaszek join forces in this laugh-out-loud swashbuckling adventure that celebrates empowered girls everywhere.

Such Stuff: A Story-Makers Inspiration
Michael Morpurgo, the nations favourite storyteller and author of War Horse, shares the secrets and inspirations of his novels.

Giant Jelly Jaws and The Pirates
A rollicking, swashbuckling adventure, full of cheeky humour! From the creators of Rudeys Windy Christmas.

Pirate Pups!
Set sail with the rescue pups from Nickelodeons "PAW Patrol" as they search for lost pirate treasure Girls and boys ages 2 to 5 are sure to love this all-new, full-color Little Golden Book.

Pirate Pete: Potty Colouring Book
Pirate Pete is a best-selling, potty-training phenomenon! Now his well-loved potty adventure comes to life for the first time in a fun colouring book with added stickers, ideal for sharing with a potty-training child. Pirate Pete is getting rid of his nappies and learning to use the potty like a...

Such Stuff: A Story-makers Inspiration
This collection provides insight into how Morpurgo writes his novels, his inspiration and sources. His essays on his most popular works are accompanied by extracts, and there are illustrations throughout by Michael Foreman.

The Best Pirate
Pirate Paul is the smallest pirate in the crew. The other pirates dont let him do a thing because hes too TINY. But when the rest of the crew get in trouble, it is little Pirate Paul who manages to save the day! With pirate accessories to cut out and keep, this is the perfect picture book for...

Lupo and the Lost Pirate of Kensington Palace
The fourth book in Aby Kings exciting series about the animals of the royal palaces is set at the royal residences of Balmoral and Hampton Court. Lupo and his friends untangle a Tudor riddle of the lost Golden Hind. A legendary monster of the deep will help lead the way to a lost palace and...

Dinosaur Pirates!
Our intrepid team of dinosaurs are back but this time they are pirates in search of buried treasure! Having navigated their way to a desert island and dug up their booty, they are just sailing away when they are ambushed by a fearsome band of marauding baddy-pirates! Will our goody-pirates save...

The Great Pirate Adventure: A Ladybird Skullabones Island Sticker Book
This fun-filled sticker activity book from Ladybirds Skullabones Island series is packed with activities to keep little ones busy. Join Captain Cutlass and the Skullabones crew onboard The Leaky Tub as they set off for another adventure on the Seven Seas. Get yourself a Pirate Passport, load up...

Gravity Falls: Dipper and Mabel and the Curse of the Time Pirates Treasure!
Blendin Blandin is searching for the legendary Time Pirates Treasure, and he needs Dipper and Mabels help . . . and yours, too! Journey through time and explore the dragon-infested medieval era, the Weird-and-Wild West, and the laser-and-giant-baby-filled future. YOU choose from multiple paths...

Are You the Pirate Captain?
First mate Hugh has got the whole crew and the pirate ship ready, but they cant set sail until they find a captain Come on this salty adventure as Hugh and his scurvy seadogs try to find the perfect pirate for the job. Rather than a peg leg or a hook, it turns out what their captain needs is the...

Pirate Cruncher
A new board book edition of Jonny Duddles first pirate title. Ages: 0-5yrs.

Marge and the Pirate Baby
Isla Fisher is hilarious DAVID WALLIAMS. Marge is back and exploring the neighbourhood with the kids! With some help from Jemima and Jake, can she stay in charge and keep pirate baby Zara under control? And can the children make sure Marge behaves at Uncle Desmond and Annies wedding? The...

The Pirate King
The galaxy is at war and Jake Cutler is at the heart of it.With his friends and allies captured, its up to teenage space pirate Jake to go into battle and take down the corrupt Interstellar Government once and for all. But in order to win this battle, Jake must find his father and confront...

Treasure of Pirate Frank
With bright and characterful illustrations, this is a lively rhyming treasure-hunt adventure story from the Carnegie Award-winning author. Ages: 3+

Pirate Stew
A quick-witted shrimp saves his friends from the pirates cooking pot in this hilarious undersea caper about friendship, tolerance ... and CLEANING Scrubadub the Shrimp LOVES to clean. He polishes the crabs, trims the reeds, shampoos the fish and grooms the frogs, until all his friends have had...