Philosophers and psychologists have explored the Harry Potter stories through the lenses of their disciplines, now its time for sociologists. In the twenty-two chapters of The Sociology of Harry Potter, social scientists from eight countries cast theirimaginations on the wizarding world. From standard topics such as inequality and identity to more contemporary topics such as technology and trauma memory, this essay collection analyzes, not J. K. Rowlings books as fiction, but her wizarding world as a ``real`` society. The Hogwarts house system, Quidditch, internet fan fiction and the lives of our favorite witches and wizards are explored in reference to sociological theories and concepts. Fans of these bestselling books will gain insights into the world of Harry Potter as well as sociology. Sociologists and their students will be intrigued to see everyday tools of the trade workingmagic in another universe. ``Even after so much scholarship on Harry Potter, this collection offers something delightfully new, plunging us into the inner workings of the wizarding world as if were truly a part of it. By letting the experts loose, The Sociology of Harry Potterreveals the cause of Snapes antagonism, Voldemorts secret sexual shame, the reason our world needs Death Eaters, the true power of pets, and so much more. A brilliant anthology not to be missed `` Valerie Estelle Frankel editor of Teaching with Harry Potterand Harry Potter, Still Recruiting
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