Contributor(s):Author: Steve Bivans Would you rather live in Middle Earth?Escape your troublesome modern existence?Eat organic mushrooms for second breakfast before heading out to burgle Smaug?Do the problems of our modern world-Climate Change, Toxic Big Ag, and the Plastic Pollution of our oceans and fish-seem a whole lot like the threat of Sauron and The Ring ?Are you afraid youll awaken, one day, to a Silent Spring?Does the chaos of government corruption and corporate greed feel like the work of orcs, trolls, and Ringwraiths?How can one person ever hope to make a dent in such enormous challenges? They seem too big for any individual to tackle. Dont you think Frodo felt the same way?But the hobbits were the very ones responsible for bringing an end to Sauron and Saruman And YOU can be a modern hobbit All it takes is the courage to step out of your door and be swept away into a real life adventure, against real life challenges Best-selling author, Steve Bivans, spent decades researching the effects of Mordor on our modern world. Instead of giving in to despair, he developed a plan, a map if you will, to guide us to a better world, to build a modern Shire on Earth, one step at a time. How can we transform our chaotic world into a Shire?Its not easy, but it is Simple. We begin by transforming our own minds: Essentially evolving from Homo Sapien to Homo Hobbitla, becoming a modern hobbit And no, you dont have to move into a hole in the ground, or into the country. You can do it in a condo, or in the burbs.We transform our homes into hobbit holes: Minimize our stuff Eat healthier and tastier food from our organic, home gardens and from local farmers markets Use less plastic, and more sustainable materials, like Hemp, bioplastics, reclaimed wood, stone, and glass. Then we get to work in our communities and neighborhoods to turn them into little Shires Build community gardens and farmers markets Utilize the Sharing Economy Work to maximize Compassion, Understanding, and A
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