Light Footprint Management: Leadership in Times of Change
What can managers in todays uncertain, unimaginably complex world learn from President Obamas military doctrine and Chinese management style? Charles-Edouard Bouee proposes the adoption of "light footprint" management - comparable to President Barack Obamas military doctrine and similar to the recent emergence of vision and tactics over strategy in Chinese management. Bouee argues that this shift in approach blazes a trail that Western companies will be obliged to follow, and explains how conventional management methodologies, techniques and tools can be adapted to the conditions of an increasingly ambiguous and apparently unmanageable world. Light Footprint Management sets out a road-map for the transformation of companies into adaptable, post-strategic business organisations.

Project Management for Engineering, Business and Technology, Paperback
Project Management for Engineering, Business and Technology, 5th edition, addresses project management across all industries. First covering the essential background, from origins and philosophy to methodology, the bulk of the book is dedicated to concepts and techniques for practical application. Coverage includes project initiation and proposals, scope and task definition, scheduling, budgeting, risk analysis, control, project selection and portfolio management, program management, project organization, and all-important ``people`` aspects--project leadership, team building, conflict resolution and stress management. The Systems Development Cycle is used as a framework to discuss project management in a variety of situations, making this the go-to book for managing virtually any kind of project, program or task force. The authors focus on the ultimate purpose of project management--to unify and integrate the interests, resources and work efforts of many stakeholders, as well as the planning, scheduling, and budgeting needed to accomplish overall project goals. This new edition features: Updates throughout to cover the latest developments in project management methodologies New examples and 18 new case studies throughout to help students develop their understanding and put principles into practice A new chapter on agile project management and lean Expanded coverage of program management, stakeholder engagement, buffer management, and managing virtual teams and cultural differences in international projects Alignment with PMBOK terms and definitions for ease of use alongside PMI certifications Cross-reference to IPMA, APM, and PRINCE2 methodologies Extensive instructor support materials, including an Instructors Manual, Power Point slides, answers to chapter review questions, problems and cases, and a test bank of questions. Taking a technical yet accessible approach, Project Management for Business, Engineering and Technology, 5th edition, is an ideal resource and

Supply Chain Management for Dummies, Paperback
Everyone can impact the supply chain Supply Chain Management For Dummies helps you connect the dots between things like purchasing, logistics, and operations to see how the big picture is affected by seemingly isolated inefficiencies. Your business is a system, made of many moving parts that must synchronize to most efficiently meet the needs of your customers--and your shareholders. Interruptions in one area ripple throughout the entire operation, disrupting the careful coordination that makes businesses successful; thats where supply chain management (SCM) comes in. SCM means different things to different people, and many different models exist to meet the needs of different industries. This book focuses on the broadly-applicable Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Model: Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return, and Enable, to describe the basic techniques and key concepts that keep businesses running smoothly. Whether youre in sales, HR, or product development, the decisions you make every day can impact the supply chain. This book shows you how to factor broader impact into your decision making process based on your place in the system. Improve processes by determining your metrics Choose the right software and implement appropriate automation Evaluate and mitigate risks at all steps in the supply chain Help your business function as a system to more effectively meet customer needs We tend to think of the supply chain as suppliers, logistics, and warehousing--but its so much more than that. Every single person in your organization, from the mailroom to the C-suite, can work to enhance or hinder the flow. Supply Chain Management For Dummies shows you what you need to know to make sure your impact leads to positive outcomes.

The Future of Work: How the New Order of Business Will Shape Your Organization, Your Management Style, and Your Life, Hardcover
For more than a decade, business thinkers have theorized about how technology will change the shape of organizations. In this landmark book, renowned organizational theorist Thomas Malone, codirector of MITs ``Inventing the Organizations of the 21st Century`` initiative, provides the first credible model for actually designing the company of the future. Based on 20 years of groundbreaking research, The Future of Work foresees a workplace revolution that will dramatically change organizational structures and the roles employees play in them. Technological and economic forces make ``command and control`` management increasingly less useful. In its place will be a more flexible ``coordinate and cultivate`` approach that will spawn new types of decentralized organizations--from internal markets to democracies to loose hierarchies. These future structures will reap the scale and knowledge efficiencies of large organizations while enabling the freedom, flexibility, and human values that drive smaller firms. This book explores the skills managers will need in a workplace in which the power to decide belongs to everyone.

Tratat de management educational pentru invatamantul primar si prescolar
Tratatul de management educational pentru invatamantul primar si prescolar propune o resemnificare si o valorizare pedagogica moderna a conceptului de management educational, precum si abordari personalizate pentru invatamantul primar si prescolar. El valorizeaza o viziune interactionista, intrucat reuneste – in abordare sistemica moderna – componentele epistemice ale managementului educational, oferind o perspectiva sincronica functionala asupra actualului context managerial, la toate nivelurile. Capitolele tratatului construiesc o retea epistemica a componentelor managementului educational si propun analize, ilustrari si abordari practice aprofundate, pentru fiecare componenta in parte.

Dont Read This Book: Time Management for Creative People, Paperback
Most of our ideas never see the light of day. Why? If you ask a creative person, the answer will always revolve around time. Dont Read This Book focuses on how to make choices about everything you do in your daily creative practice and life. Its not about a minimalist way to spend and organize your creative time as Hemingway with twitter, its not even to be as synthetic as you can in your to-do lists so that procrastination is taken into consideration without provoking late afternoon regrets. Its about too many characters in this sentence as there isnt time for everything. Its actually Less = Less. To Do Lists are actually too many times a naive knowledge about yourself (birthday and new year resolutions are a painful reminder of this reality). The main message of this book is Focus. It connects the decisions you make at a personal, professional and creative level. Its a reminder of how management of time is essential to complete your project and how being dispersed around too many ideas can make you lose time.

Project Management Checklists for Dummies, Paperback
Your must-have tool for perfect project management Want to take your career to the next level and be a master of planning, organising, motivating and controlling resources to meet your goals? This easy-to-use guide has you covered Project Management Checklists For Dummies takes the intimidation out of project management, and shows you step by step how to use rigorous self-check questions to save significant time--and headaches--in managing your projects effectively. Project Management Checklists For Dummies gives you to-do lists, hands-on checklists and helpful guidance for managing every phase of a project from start to finish. Before you know it, youll be a star project manager as you organise, estimate and schedule projects in todays time-crunched, cost-conscious global business environment. Includes useful to-do lists and checklists to ensure all the necessary steps are completed Offers simple exercises to help clarify needs and requirements along the way Provides templates to complete, which can also be downloaded from Dummies. com and customised to suit your unique requirements Supplies hints and tips to help you along the way If youre a project manager--or any professional charged with managing a project and wondering where to start--Project Management Checklists For Dummies is your ready-made tool for success.

Time Management
„De mii de ani oamenii se intreaba daca exista viata dupa moarte. Intrebarea lumii moderne pare sa fie daca exista viata inainte de moarte. Asta pentru ca multi dintre noi suntem atat de prinsi cu activitatile si problemele de serviciu, incat nu mai avem timp pentru alte lucruri cel putin la fel de importante, pentru unii familia, pentru altii o anumita pasiune, pentru noi toti sanatatea. In lumea de azi, a vitezei, a informatiei si a tehnologiei, daca nu suntem atenti, putem deveni fara sa ne dam seama victime ale obiectivelor altora sau ale nimanui si urmaritori ai succeselor altora, pierzand din vedere lucrurile importante pentru noi. Desigur ca avem nevoie de un serviciu, este o nevoie interioara a fiecaruia de a se realiza intr-un plan profesional. Acest plan profesional insa a ajuns sa ne domine viata si timpul mai mult decat ne-am dori. Cursul de Time Management pe care il asculti se bazeaza pe experienta de peste 30 de ani in lumea intreaga a companiei de training si consultanta TMI si isi propune sa iti ofere idei si tehnici prin care sa-ti poti atinge obiectivele profesionale cu o mai buna productivitate si sa gasesti timpul necesar si pentru alte preocupari importante din viata ta." - Octavian Pantis, managing director TMI Romania

Managementul afacerilor. Calea chinezeasca
Lucrarea de fata este o premiera atat pentru spatiul editorial romanesc, cat si mediul de afaceri est-european. Editura Integral propune o prima carte care trateaza managementul afacerilor dintr-o perspectiva diferita, dar de mare succes. Exista, desigur, numeroare volume care abordeaza, din diverse unghiuri, managementul afacerilor si multe lucrari valoroase au fost deja traduse in limba romana. Aceasta este insa prima carte care abordeaza calea chinezeasca a managementul afacerilor si este de asteptat ca acest eveniment editorial sa starneasca interesul atat al oamenilor de afaceri, cat si al publicului dornic sa inteleaga ce sta la baza miracolului economic care a facut din China o mare putere economica a lumii. Nu este o carte de teorie a managementului, ci o carte de practica a managementului, o culegere de tehnici si proceduri, ale caror detalii fac diferenta dintre reusita si esec. Din aceasta perspectiva, cartea se adreseaza celor ce fac lucrurile sa se intample, celor ce isi dezvolta propria afacere, din intreprinderile mici, ca si angajatilor din marile companii, mai obisnuiti cu rigoarea procedurilor corporatiste, si, nu in ultima instanta, celor ce vor � sau macar viseaza � sa faca afaceri cu firme din China.

CMA Part 1 - Financial Planning, Performance and Control Exam Secrets, Study Guide: CMA Test Review for the Certified Management Accountant Exam, Paperback
CMA Part 1 - Financial Planning, Performance and Control Exam Secrets, Study Guide: CMA Test Review for the Certified Management Accountant Exam, Paperback

Life Management for Busy Women, Paperback
Elizabeth George--speaker, teacher, and bestselling author of A Woman After Gods Own Heart(R)--admits to being a disorganized, goal-less woman when she was in her 20s. Over the decades, the love and patience of God and the transforming power of his Word and Spirit have taught her the life-changing principles she shares here, including how each day Gods waytake charge of busyness and find a balanced lifebe a better steward of resources``Just for Today`` and ``Just for This Week`` sections help readers apply and solidify transforming new habits. This unique sourcebook will strike a chord with women hungering to live orderly lives that are a testimony to their faith.

Quality Management: Essential Planning for Breweries, Paperback
Craft beer sales are flourishing across the U. S. and breweries are opening at a rapid rate. Without a continual emphasis on producing the highest quality beer, the health of the entire craft brewing industry is jeopardized. In other words, proper quality management for small, regional and national breweries is critical. This guidebook decodes how to create and manage a quality system in the context of the brewery environment. Written for staff who manage quality in breweries of all types and sizes new and established alike this book affords an understanding of how quality management is intertwined at all levels of the operation. Whether you are a brewmaster wearing many hats, lab staff, production staff or on a quality team, this book will guide you in developing a comprehensive program that will grow with your brewery, help ensure quality processes in the brewery and continue providing great beer for your fans.

Practical Safety Management Systems: A Practical Guide to Transform Your Safety Program Into a Functioning Safety Management System, Paperback
A Safety Management System (SMS) is required for most domestic and international air operations, through either regulatory (14 CFR Parts 5, 119, or 121) or voluntary compliance. The advent of SMS has affected all aviation sectors worldwide, including flight departments, independent contractors who provide services to the aviation industry, air traffic services and more. Many organizations are intimidated by the scope and complexity of SMS. This book puts SMS concepts and principles into a practical working format, providing guidance and resources for universities and training organizations to create, implement, and maintain a functioning SMS, and apply it to their company or university. SMS is a coherent and standardized approach to managing safety, integrated with the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and processes that must be tailored to meet the size and scope of each organization. It must be adapted and continuously improved to meet the mission while reducing risk to the lowest practical level. Beyond mere theoretical discussion, in Practical Application of Safety Management Systems readers are encouraged to use hands-on exercises to practically apply SMS concepts and principles to varied industry areas such as flight crews, maintenance, air traffic control, airports, and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Beginning with an overview and history of SMS, chapters cover SMS components, costs and development process, the safety culture, human factors, audits and evaluations, and more; each chapter concludes with review questions. Extensive case studies and references are provided throughout. Practical Application of Safety Management Systems is an up-to-date and useful guide to transform your safety program into a functioning safety management system. As a how-to textbook guide for setting up SMS in an organization, specifically designed for a 16-week SMS course, this book goes beyond the competition in providing key terms, learning obje

Warren Buffetts Management Secrets: Proven Tools for Personal and Business Success, Hardcover
Even in todays economic climate, when so many investors and major companies are failing, Warren Buffett continues to be successful in all aspects of his life. Mary Buffett and David Clark have written the first book ever to take an in-depth look at Warren Buffetts philosophies for personal and professional management -- what they are, how they work, and how you can use them. Through close examination of Warren Buffetts life and career from his earliest days to now, Buffett and Clark shed light on his decision-making processes and reveal his strategies for keeping on track and maintaining focus. They examine Buffetts inimitable leadership qualities and explain how Warren integrated what he learned over time into a winning management formula and became not only the manager whom other managers want to emulate but also the second richest man in the world. A true companion volume to Buffett and Clarks successful Buffettology series, Warren Buffetts Management Secrets is filled with anecdotes and quotes that show how Buffetts life philosophies are reflected in his business decisions and in the way he manages people and businesses. This insiders view into Warren Buffetts management techniques offers simple solutions for success to newcomers and seasoned Buffettologists alike and illustrates how and why success in business and life usually go hand in hand.

Professional English in Use Management with Answers, Paperback
A must have for MBA students and professional managers who need to use English at work. A part of the hugely popular Professional English in Use series, this book offers management vocabulary reference and practice for learners of intermediate level and above (B1-C1). Key MBA topics, including Leadership, Change Management and Finance are presented through real business case studies. The course is informed by the Cambridge International Corpus to ensure that the language taught is up-to-date and frequently used. Primarily designed as a self-study, the book can also be used for classroom work and one-to-one lessons. This book is a must for both students of MBA or other Business programmes and professionals who need management English.

Sustainable Stormwater Management: A Landscape-Driven Approach to Planning and Design, Hardcover
An essential addition to the landscape design library Nature devises ingenious systems for the management and delivery of water in all its phases. No additional infrastructure is required--the water systems are in place, naturally. But once the natural environment has been disrupted by human development, stormwater becomes an issue that requires intervention and ongoing management. Sustainable Stormwater Management, by leading expert Tom Liptan, provides landscape students and professionals with a green approach to landscape design. The hardworking book includes comprehensive information on how to design, install, and maintain a landscape for sustainable stormwater management. It addresses stormwater in the urban environment, relevant environmental and economic policies, and shares case studies of exemplary projects from around the world.

The Standard for Portfolio Management, Paperback
The Standard for Portfolio Management - Fourth Edition has been updated to best reflect the current state of portfolio management. It describe the principles that drive accepted good portfolio management practices in todays organizations. It also expands the description of portfolio management to reflect its relation to organizational project management and the organization.

Publishing for Profit: Successful Bottom-Line Management for Book Publishers, Paperback
Written for the practising professional just starting out or looking to learn new tricks of the trade, this title contains updated industry statistics and benchmark figures, features up-to-date strategies for creating new revenue streams such as online marketing and sales and e-book publishing.

Management Practice in Dietetics, Paperback
A book that moves well beyond the view of dietetics management as primarily in foodservice, Management Practice in Dietetics deals with management in all areas of dietetics, and provides clear, relevant examples of management principles and the ways they can be applied. This book is unique in its approach to include examples for foodservices, clinical nutrition, and community nutrition management. The book demonstrates how leadership in dietetics and nutrition fits into the management structure of organizations. Students will become familiar with management tools such as decision-making, communication, and marketing. They will develop knowledge and skills related to human resources management, and acquire basic skills in finance. The book directly addresses management and customer service competencies that are required for accreditation of academic programs in dietetics and are included in the credentialing examination for registered dietitian nutritionists. Specific topics include developing and motivating employees, employee discipline, material management, workflow and production, budgeting, information management, and sustainability. Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter provide focus and direction for students. Margin definitions and a glossary introduce specialized vocabulary and increase comprehension. End of chapter activities aid retention and give students the opportunity for self-testing and application of the material. Written in an accessible style, Management Practice in Dietetics is designed for accredited dietetics programs. Nancy R. Hudson earned her master of science degree at the University of Kansas, and did her training as a registered dietitian at the universitys medical center. Her career spans more than forty years, and includes teaching posts at the University of Connecticut School of Allied Health Professions, the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of California, Davis. She has worked as a dietitian and nu

Financial and Business Management for the Doctor of Nursing Practice, Second Edition, Paperback
First Edition Awarded Second Place in 2013 AJN Book of the Year Awards The second edition of this award-winning text, designed specifically for the DNP course in health care economics and finance, remains the only book to embed economic and financial concepts in the context of nursing practice and nursing health care systems. Well organized and clearly written, the second edition is updated to encompass key changes to reimbursement and health care regulations and provides revised statistics throughout. It offers new information on ambulatory care, cost and ratio analysis, additional examples of financial statements, and an updated sample business plan. Enhanced teaching strategies include real life case studies, challenging critical thinking questions, learning games, key words in each chapter, and an extensive glossary. New Power Point slides add to the texts value as a robust teaching tool. Written by experienced DNP executives for DNPs, the book emphasizes critical skills nurse leaders need to participate in strategic health care planning. It delivers a practical approach to business, finance, economics, and health policy that is designed to foster sound business and leadership. The text clearly explicates the relationship between cost of care, quality of care, and ethics, and examines the economic and financial implications of evidence-based practice and quality. Also included is a special section on finance for independent practitioners. Additionally, the book delivers required competencies of the AACN Essentials and the AONE. New to the Second Edition: Updated statistics throughout New information on ambulatory care A cost and ratio analysis Additional examples of financial statements Updated business plan Enhanced faculty support Power Point slides

Guia de Los Fundamentos Para La Direccion de Proyectos (Guia del Pmbok(r))-Quinta Edicion [A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (Pmbok(, Paperback
Official Spanish language edition of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK(R) Guide) - Fifth Edition. La Guia de los Fundamentos para la Direccion de Proyectos (Guia del PMBOK(R)) -Quinta Edicion refleja la colaboracion y los conocimientos de los directores de proyecto en ejercicio de su profesion, y proporciona los fundamentos para la direccion de proyectos dado que se aplican a una gran diversidad de proyectos. Este estandar reconocido internacionalmente proporciona a los directores de proyecto las herramientas esenciales para poner en practica la direccion de proyectos y entregar resultados organizacionales.

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, Paperback
The PMBOK(R) Guide-Sixth Edition - PMIs flagship publication has been updated to reflect the latest good practices in project management. New to the Sixth Edition, each knowledge area will contain a section entitled Approaches for Agile, Iterative and Adaptive Environments, describing how these practices integrate in project settings. It will also contain more emphasis on strategic and business knowledge--including discussion of project management business documents--and information on the PMI Talent Triangle(TM) and the essential skills for success in todays market.

Strategic Planning for Nurses: Change Management in Health Care, Paperback
This Text Builds Insight And Breaks Boundaries That Have Historically Hampered Nursings Professional Progression And Power As A Stakeholder In An Ever-Changing Global Business-Based Healthcare Arena. The Essential Guide To Strategic Planning For Nurses Offers Specific Skill And Knowledge-Based Instruction On Business Concepts, Trends And Issues That Face The Demographically And Culturally Diverse Nursing Workforce Of The 21St Century.

Hospitality Management: A Brief Introduction, Paperback
``An innovative and cross-cutting approach to Hospitality that examines the fundamentals of the subject in a concise and commendable way. Roy Woods academic and practitioner expertise is brought to bear on this succinct synthesis of the subject that will quickly become a must read for all students and academics in the hospitality area.`` - Professor Stephen J. Page, Bournemouth University Hospitality Management: A Brief Introduction is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying hotel and hospitality management and hospitality studies. The book includes coverage of the principal areas of functional management in hospitality including: employee relations accommodation management food and beverage management marketing and sales industry structure and strategy the nature of management roles hospitality management education future trends in the field. Roy Wood uses a wide range of established and contemporary research and reflects critically on its subject, including from the perspective of the hospitality consumer, to ensure that readers gain wide awareness of the realities and challenges of the hospitality industry.

Classroom Management Techniques. Jim Scrivener, Paperback
A complete and essential activity-based guide to ELT classroom management. Overall winner of the 2012 HRH The Duke of Edinburgh ESU English Language Book Award, Classroom Management Techniques offers a huge range of practical techniques to help teachers make the most of their teaching space and get students working in more focused ways. It helps teachers anticipate and avoid problems in the classroom, allowing more time to be devoted to meaningful activities. By analysing the classroom from three perspectives: the classroom, the teacher and the learners, this book presents a ground-breaking analysis of 14 kinds of teacher intervention, allowing teachers to examine the way they communicate with learners.

The Project Management Memory Jogger, Paperback
This second edition retains the essential features that made the first edition so popular and is aligned with A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide). In addition to all of the steps, proven tips, tools and templates, the new edition features new sections on - Project Communication Plan - Cross Cultural Teams - Project Procurement Plan - Project Quality Plan - Organizational Change Management - Project Contingency - Projects vs Operations and expanded segments on working with teams, virtual team tips, scope (customer analysis and SMART Criteria), risk, scheduling (critical path), monitoring & control, (earned value), and many more additions. Finally, there is a new section on consensus based decision making tools to help project teams from The Memory Jogger 2 Second Edition. In addition, the overall flow and layout have been improved to make this new version even more user-friendly than the first. We hope that this improved guide will help you get the most out of your meeting time and also help to improve the success rate of projects in your organization

Business Management for the Ib Diploma Study and Revision Guide, Paperback
This Study and Revision Guide will ensure you approach your exams feeling confident and prepared through the help of accurate and accessible notes, examiner advice, and exam-style questions on each key topic.- Practise and check your understanding on a range of Exam Practice questions- Be aware of the essential points with key terms and facts for each topic- Discover what you need to achieve certain grades with advice and tips, including common mistakes to avoid. Answers are free online at: www. hoddereducation. com/IBextras

Product Management in Practice: A Real-World Guide to the Key Connective Role of the 21st Century, Paperback
The rhetoric of product management is often focused on big wins, but the reality often consists of incremental gains, difficult conversations, and practical compromises. Precious little information is available about the day-to-day work of product management--what it actually looks and feels like and how people in this practice need to do to succeed at this work. This practical book fills that gap with a new approach that focuses on CORE connective skills--communication, organization, research, execution--that a product manager must excel at every day. Often written off as mere ``soft skills,`` these CORE skills can be the difference between a team that launches successful products on time and a team that struggles through stagnation and disappointment. Because this book addresses practical, real-world skills and scenarios, you dont need any prior technical knowledge or expertise to get started. Learn what you need to do in your day-to-day work to succeed at product management Examine case studies from working product managers, including specific, actionable strategies for communication and stakeholder management Get high-level guidelines for evaluating product development processes

What Makes Great Leaders Great: Management Lessons from Icons Who Changed the World, Hardcover
Master the skills that icons throughout history have used to achieve the highest levels of success ``This is an intelligent, knowledgeable presentation of management. The pragmatic approach of learning from icons makes the book extremely worthwhile reading for up-and-coming and experienced managers alike.``--Dr. Helmut O. Maucher, Honorary Chairman of the Board, Nestle ``Embracing a broad variety of successful personalities from all walks of life, this analysis of management skills makes for interesting reading and provides a great source of inspiration.``--Dr. Josef Ackermann, Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank AG ``Arnold cleverly explains the keys to successful management with references to real-life challenges successfully overcome by iconic leaders. This entertaining book is insightful, thought-provoking, and of immense practical value.``--Fred B. Irwin, President, American Chamber of Commerce in Germany ``Profound management know-how and coverage of a wide range of valuable issues provide great inspiration for anyone seeking to apply effective management principles in practice.``--Professor Klaus Evard, founder and former President of the European Business School ``Management know-how translates into knowledge of how to succeed in all levels of life, and everyone can learn to be successful. That is the simple premise behind this book.``--Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung What do Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Pablo Picasso, and Napoleon have in common? EXCELLENT MANAGEMENT SKILLS It doesnt matter what your field of expertise is, whom you know, or how educated you are. If you have powerful management skills, you will succeed; if you dont, youll hit the ceiling sooner rather than later. In What Makes Great Leaders Great, bestselling author and leadership expert Frank Arnold gathers 56 icons from various fields--from business and sports to politics and pop culture--to reveal the specific management skills they used to rea

HBR Guide to Performance Management, Paperback
Are your employees meeting their goals? Is their work improving over time? Understanding where your employees are succeeding--and falling short--is a pivotal part of ensuring you have the right talent to meet organizational objectives. In order to work with your people and effectively monitor their progress, you need a system in place. The HBR Guide to Performance Management provides a new multi-step, cyclical process to help you keep track of your employees work, identify where they need to improve, and ensure theyre growing with the organization. Youll learn to: Set clear employee goals that align with company objectives Monitor progress and check in regularly Close performance gaps Understand when to use performance analytics Create opportunities for growth, tailored to the individual Overcome and avoid burnout on your team Arm yourself with the advice you need to succeed on the job, with the most trusted brand in business. Packed with how-to essentials from leading experts, the HBR Guides provide smart answers to your most pressing work challenges.

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (Pmbok(r) Guide)-Funfte Ausgabe [A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (Pmbok(r) Gui, Paperback
Official German language edition of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK(R) Guide) -- Funfte Ausgabe reflektiert die Zusammenarbeit und das Wissen aktiver Projektmanager. Es enthalt eine Darstellung der Grundsatze des Projektmanagements und ihrer Anwendung auf ein groes Spektrum von Projekten. Dieser international anerkannte Standard gibt Projektmanagern unverzichtbare Werkzeuge in die Hand, mit deren Hilfe sie Projekte managen und organisatorische Ergebnisse erzielen konnen.

Agile Project Management for Dummies, Paperback
Flex your project management muscle Agile project management is a fast and flexible approach to managing all projects, not just software development. By learning the principles and techniques in this book, youll be able to create a product roadmap, schedule projects, and prepare for product launches with the ease of Agile software developers. Youll discover how to manage scope, time, and cost, as well as team dynamics, quality, and risk of every project. As mobile and web technologies continue to evolve rapidly, there is added pressure to develop and implement software projects in weeks instead of months--and Agile Project Management For Dummies can help you do just that. Providing a simple, step-by-step guide to Agile project management approaches, tools, and techniques, it shows product and project managers how to complete and implement projects more quickly than ever. Complete projects in weeks instead of months Reduce risk and leverage core benefits for projects Turn Agile theory into practice for all industries Effectively create an Agile environment Get ready to grasp and apply Agile principles for faster, more accurate development.

Management (The Brian Tracy Success Library)
The strength of any organization is determined by the quality of its managers. What they do and how they do it is the key determinant of corporate success. Want to become invaluable to your company? Boost your managerial skills. The good news is that great managers are made...not born. When you discover what the most successful managers know, you will unlock the secrets to turning even ordinary employees into extraordinary performers. Now with this handy little book, success expert brian tracy reveals how anyone can easily: set performance standards a delegate productively a define key result areas a concentrate attention and resources on high-payoff activities and eliminate distractions a hire and fire effectively a build a staff of peak performers a hold meetings that work a foster team spirit a communicate with clarity a negotiate successfully a remove obstacles to performance a set the right example a make good decisions quickly a and more filled with practical, proven techniques and tools, this essential guide shows you how to bring out the best in your people--and hit new heights in your own career.

Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety: A Guide to Successful Stress Management, Paperback
Many people suffer from feelings of stress and anxiety in their everyday lives. For people with Asperger Syndrome (AS), this stress can be particularly difficult to manage. On a daily basis people with AS must fit into a world that seems totally foreign to them and this can increase feelings of alienation and anxiety, making lifes challenges especially hard to cope with. The first book on anxiety written specifically for adults with Asperger Syndrome, this book offers practical advice on how individuals with AS can manage their anxiety more effectively. As a person with AS who has struggled with feelings of anxiety and learnt how to overcome them, Nick Dubin shares his own tried and tested solutions along with up-to-date research on stress management for individuals with AS, including a chapter on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Dubin explores the key problem areas that can lead to anxiety for people with AS such as lack of social skills, difficulties establishing romantic relationships and uncertainty about employment. Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety provides real solutions to a common problem and is essential reading for anyone with AS who has trouble managing stress. The book will also be of interest to family members, teachers and other professionals working with individuals with AS.

Project Management, Sixth Edition, Paperback
Successful project management requires organization, skill, and a systematic approach to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget. For both small and large organizations, Idiots Guides: Project Management, Sixth Edition, is fully updated and includes coverage on the Fifth Edition of PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge). Covering all of the latest methodologies, this new, step-by-step edition includes updated assessment questions for the PMP certification exam and content that aligns with the knowledge areas as the PMI (Project Management Institute) defines them.

DK Essential Managers: Project Management, Paperback
DK Essential Managers: Project Management is the visual guide that gives you all the know-how you need to be a more effective manager. Now newly updated with an all-new graphic approach to explaining key techniques and skills, the best-selling DK Essential Managers: Project Management features: A practical, ``how-to`` approach teaches you the project management skills you need to succeed. Step-by-step instructions, tips, checklists, and ``Ask yourself`` features show you how to initiate projects and manage budgets. Tables, illustrations, ``in-focus`` panels, and real-life case studies show you how to delegate effectively and evaluate success. DK Essential Managers: Project Management not only shows you how to plan, run, and monitor a project but also explains what to do if things go wrong. Learn all you need to define project briefs, identify stakeholders, and build an effective project team with DK Essential Managers: Project Management. About DK Essential Managers The DK Essential Managers series covers a range of business and management topics and have sold more than 1. 9 million copies worldwide. Each guide is clearly presented for ease of reference, with visual pointers, tips, and graphics. The handy pocket format slips easily into a briefcase or portfolio.

Management 101: From Hiring and Firing to Imparting New Skills, an Essential Guide to Management Strategies, Hardcover
A crash course in managing productive, successful, and happy employees Effective employee management is imperative to a business success, but all too often management books turn the important details of best practices into tedious reading that would put even a CEO to sleep. Management 101 cuts out the boring explanations of management policies, and instead provides hand-on lessons that keep you engaged as you learn how to manage productive, happy employees. From hiring and firing to delegating and coaching, this primer is packed with hundreds of entertaining tidbits and concepts that you wont be able to get anywhere else. So whether youre a business owner, a middle-manager with many direct reports, or an entry-level employee learning to supervise interns, Management 101 has all the answers--even the ones you didnt know you were looking for.

The Anger Workbook: An Interactive Guide to Anger Management, Paperback
Dont Let Anger Take Control Most people stereotype anger by assuming that it always results in shouting, slamming fists, or throwing things. However, anger is not that one-dimensional. In fact, all of the statements below represent feelings of anger: When I am displeased with someone I shut down any communication and withdraw. I get very tense inside as I tackle a demanding task. I feel frustrated when i see someone else having fewer struggles than I. There are times when my discouragement just makes me want to call it quits. I can be quite aggressive in my business pursuits or even when just playing a game. We all deal with anger in our lives, whether it be in a subtle or violent manner. Being angry can involve such emotional expressions as frustration, irritability, annoyance, aggravation, blowing off steam, or fretting. The good news is anger can be managed. In The Anger Workbook Les Carter, Ph. D., and Frank Minirth, M. D., offer a unique 13-step interactive program that will help you: Identify the best ways to handle anger Understand how pride, fear, loneliness, and inferiority feed your anger Uncover and eliminate the myths that perpetuate anger-``Letting go of my anger means I am conceding defeat`` or ``No one understand my unique problems.``Identify learned patterns or relating, thinking, and behaving in your life that influence your anger.

Visual Leaders: New Tools for Visioning, Management, & Organization Change, Paperback
What Visual Meetings did for meetings and Visual Teams did for teams, this book does for leaders Visual Leaders explores how leaders can support visioning and strategy formation, planning and management, and organizationchange through the application of visual meeting and visual team methodologies organization wide--literally "trans-forming" communications and peoples sense of what is possible. It describes seven essential tools for visual leaders--mental models, visual meetings, graphic templates, decision theaters, roadmaps, Storymaps, and virtual visuals--and examples of methods for implementation throughout an organization. Written for all levels of leadership in organizations, from department heads through directors, heads of strategic business units, and "C" level executives Explores how communications has become interactive and graphic and how these tools can be used to shape direction and align people for implementation Brings tools, methods and frameworks to life with stories of real organizations modeling these practices Visual Leaders answers the question of how design thinking and visual literacy can help to orient leaders to the complexity of contemporary organizations in the private, non-profit, and public sectors.

The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management, Paperback
The all-inclusive guide to exceptional project management The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management is the comprehensive guide to real-world project management methods, tools, and techniques. Practical, easy-to-use, and deeply thorough, this book gives you answers you need now. Youll find the cutting-edge ideas and hard-won wisdom of one of the fields leading experts, delivered in short, lively segments that address common management issues. Brief descriptions of important concepts, tips on real-world applications, and compact case studies illustrate the most sought-after skills and the pitfalls you should watch out for. This new fifth edition features new case studies, new information on engaging stakeholders, change management, new guidance on using Agile techniques, and new content that integrates current events and trends in the project management sphere. Project management is a complex role, with seemingly conflicting demands that must be coordinated into a single, overarching, executable strategy -- all within certain time, resource, and budget constraints. This book shows you how to get it all together and get it done, with expert guidance every step of the way. Navigate complex management issues effectively Master key concepts and real-world applications Learn from case studies of todays leading experts Keep your project on track, on time, and on budget From finding the right sponsor to clarifying objectives to setting a realistic schedule and budget projection, all across different departments, executive levels, or technical domains, project management incorporates a wide range of competencies. The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management shows you what you need to know, the best way to do it, and what to watch out for along the way.

Revenue Management, Paperback
From the man the Wall Street Journal hailed as "the guru of Revenue Management" comes revolutionary ways to recover from the after effects of downsizing and refocus your business on growth. Whatever happened to growth? In Revenue Management, Robert G. Cross answers this question with his ground-breaking approach to revitalizing businesses: focusing on the revenue side of the ledger instead of the cost side. The antithesis of slash-and-burn methods that left companies with empty profits and dissatisfied stockholders, Revenue Management overturns conventional thinking on marketing strategies and offers the key to initiating and sustaining growth. Using case studies from a variety of industries, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations, Cross describes no-tech, low-tech, and high-tech methods that managers can use to increase revenue without increasing products or promotions; predict consumer behavior; tap into new markets; and deliver products and services to customers effectively and efficiently. His proven tactics will help any business dramatically improve its bottom line by meeting the challenge of matching supply with demand.

High Output Management, Paperback
In this legendary business book and Silicon Valley staple, the former chairman and CEO (and employee number three) of Intel shares his perspective on how to build and run a company. The essential skill of creating and maintaining new businesses--the art of the entrepreneur--can be summed up in a single word: managing. Born of Groves experiences at one of Americas leading technology companies, High Output Management is equally appropriate for sales managers, accountants, consultants, and teachers, as well as CEOs and startup founders. Grove covers techniques for creating highly productive teams, demonstrating methods of motivation that lead to peak performance--throughout, High Output Management is a practical handbook for navigating real-life business scenarios and a powerful management manifesto with the ability to revolutionize the way we work.