The rhetoric of product management is often focused on big wins, but the reality often consists of incremental gains, difficult conversations, and practical compromises. Precious little information is available about the day-to-day work of product management--what it actually looks and feels like and how people in this practice need to do to succeed at this work. This practical book fills that gap with a new approach that focuses on CORE connective skills--communication, organization, research, execution--that a product manager must excel at every day. Often written off as mere ``soft skills,`` these CORE skills can be the difference between a team that launches successful products on time and a team that struggles through stagnation and disappointment. Because this book addresses practical, real-world skills and scenarios, you dont need any prior technical knowledge or expertise to get started. Learn what you need to do in your day-to-day work to succeed at product management Examine case studies from working product managers, including specific, actionable strategies for communication and stakeholder management Get high-level guidelines for evaluating product development processes ePUB3 iti recomanda

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